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Project Number:   CP B32040
Project Title:   Procurement of Engine Oil
Bidders are:
The McPherson Companies, Inc.$574,191.00$34,161.75$347,130.00
The McPherson Companies, Inc.$593,877.00$34,161.75$347,130.00
Northeast Lubricants, Ltd.$615,528.00$35,486.25$212,310.00
Burkett Oil Co.$762,615.00$41,459.25$267,750.00
Progressive Industries, Inc.$1,051,701.00$69,461.25$352,485.00
Chemsearch a Division of NCH Corp.$1,584,996.00$131,177.25$685,125.00

Project Number:   CP B32188
Project Title:   MARTA Natural Gas Supply
Bidders are:
line 1line 2
Constellation Energy Gas Choice, Inc. $3.136
Gas South$0.269$2.150
True Natural Gas$2.440
Infinite Energy$.950$2.700

Project Number:   CP B32927
Project Title:   Pest Control for Bus, Rail Cars and Mobility Vans
Bidders are:
Team Pest USA Exterminating Company $67,460.00
Gregory Pest Solutions $238,760.00

Project Number:   CP B33587
Project Title:   Disposal of Land Parcels D1158 Stone Mountain, Dekalb GA D3175 15th Street Atlanta, Fulton County GA
Bidders are:
Housing Authority of Dekald County, Ga$162,500.00
Northpoint Hospitality Group, Inc.$125,000.00

Project Number:   CP B35035
Project Title:   Disposal of Land Parcel D7002 West Side of Barfield Road South of Abernathy Road in Sandy Springs Fulton County GA
Bidders are:
Chamberlain, HRDLICKA, White, Williams, and Aughtry, Trustee of SunTrust Bank$325,000.00

Project Number:   CP B36766
Project Title:   Removal & Disposal of Industrial Waste Water & Sludge for Various MARTA Facilities
Bidders are:
Evergreen Waste, LLC$1,320,940.00
Universal Environmental Services$3,621,890.00
SP Petroleum$3,777,940.00
Parr Industries II, Inc.$3,987,360.00

Project Number:   CP B37768
Project Title:   CNG Fueling Facility at Hamilton
Bidders are:
Passes Hauling, LLC $1,557,191.00
Lakeshore Engineering, LLC $15,614,720.00
Cooper & Co. General Contractors, Inc. $17,390.210.00
Archer Western Construction, LLC $18,741,177.00

Project Number:   IFB B31448
Project Title:   Perry Bus Facility Security Access & Site Lighting Upgrades
Bidders are:
Cooper & Co$4,156,914.00

Project Number:   IFB B36732
Project Title:   Authority-Wide Uniforms for MARTA's Workforce
Bidders are:
Unifirst Corporation $9,154,370.00
EU ll Uniforms, Inc. $11,623,989.00
Cintas Corporation $12,116,138.18

Project Number:   IFB B38192
Project Title:   Rail Car Life Extension Program
Bidders are:
Bombardier Mass Transit Corporation$196,857,917.00

Project Number:   IFB B38305
Project Title:   AC Traction Motor Overhaul and Repair Services
Bidders are:
Swiger Coil Systems$6,681,030.00
Sherwood Electromotion, Inc.$6,857,641.20
RAM International Services, Inc.$7,498,275.00
Walco Electric Company$8,969,860.00

Project Number:   IFB B38656
Project Title:   Inspection and Maintenance of Generators
Bidders are:
Kendrick RadiatorNo Bid
Power & Energy Services, Inc. $219,500.00
Signal Point Systems $371,300.00
Elite Energy Systems $388,225.00

Project Number:   IFB B38803
Project Title:   Procurement of Non-Revenue Support Vehicles
Bidders are:
aspen aerialsinterstate truck equipment wade fordpeach state truckrush truck centercustom truck equipment
chevrolet bolt ev lt.$79,011
crewcab pickup$87,915
hi-rail stake body truck$187,881$321,380$329,966$357,072
hi-rail stake body truck with crane$759,220$304,270$767,816$767,816$822,404
hi-rail crewcab service body truck$769,785$732,452$739,955$748,325$815,415
hi-rail service truck$702,875$326,421
hi-rail pickup truck$305,109$126,546
thermite welding body truck$146,536$210,657$214,211
rail carrier truck$203,880$208,989$214,356$245,232
tie loader truck$297,546$299,981$311,139
hi-rail rotary dump truck$411,688$433,604$468,604
telescopic boom truck$294,383$295,847$331,892
hi-rail bucket truck 75inch working height$667,462$695,662$708,934
bridge inspection truck$669,300$653,796$665,817$614,000

Project Number:   IFB B38935
Project Title:   Removal & Disposal of Industrial Waste Water and Sludge From Various MARTA Facilities
Bidders are:
SP Petroleum Transporters, Inc.$3,576,550.00

Project Number:   RFQ Q29240
Project Title:   Transit Research Survey Software Project
Bidders are:
Snap Surveys$24,533.00
3D Security, Inc.$79,999.00
DK Systems Consulting$94,900.00

Project Number:   RFQ Q29837
Project Title:   Procurement of Casual Shirts for Police Officers
Bidders are:
Red the Uniform Tailor, Inc.$35,665.50
Cintas Corporation$42,657.00

Project Number:   RFQ Q30763
Project Title:   Replacement of Skylight Glazing at MARTA Facilities
Bidders are:
Glass, Inc. $91,935.80
Metro Waterproofing, Inc. $102,120.22

Project Number:   RFQ Q30980
Project Title:   Window Restoration Project
Bidders are:
Everclear Enterprises, Inc.$ 78,620.00
AAA National USA Inc.$ 85,300.00
Stepcoe Construction Corporation$145,100.00

Project Number:   RFQ Q30982A
Project Title:   Removal and Recycling of Scrap Metals
Bidders are:
M&M Waste$ 10,912.50

Project Number:   RFQ Q31832A
Project Title:   Procure Hardware and Support Services for Repairs to the Candler Park Computer Room AC (CRAC) Unit
Bidders are:
Joe Powell and Associates$20,000.00

Project Number:   RFQ Q31896
Project Title:   Procurement of Refrigerant Recovery Recycling Unit for the Atlanta Streetcar
Bidders are:
C.C. Dickson Company$3,448.72
Noland Company$4,219.65

Project Number:   RFQ Q34346A
Project Title:   Professional Services of a Certified Assesor
Bidders are:
OSP Global, LLC dba ControlCase$56,000.00
Dixon Hughes Goodman$138,000.00

Project Number:   RFQ Q35787
Project Title:   Document Imaging of Paper Records
Bidders are:
Scanning America, Inc.$23,000.00
Docufree Corporation $39,120.00
Ricoh USA, Inc.$39,700.00

Project Number:   RFQ Q35905
Project Title:   Maintenance of Parking Control Equipment
Bidders are:
Access Security Parking Integrated Solutions, LLC$94,752.00

Project Number:   RFQ Q35934
Project Title:   Sanitary Disposal Unit Services for MARTA Headquarters Complex
Bidders are:
Southern Textile Rental Services, LLC$34,974.72
WellBeing Hygiene$52,673.28
Reliable Building Solutions, Inc.$189,041.60

Project Number:   RFQ Q36112
Project Title:   Procurement of Water Based Fire Protection System Inspection Maintenance and Testing Services
Bidders are:
Pro-Tec Fire & Sprinkler, Inc. $123,965.00
Siemens Industry, Inc.$186,035.00

Project Number:   RFQ Q36178
Project Title:   Procurement of Interior Landscaping Services for MARTA Headquarters
Bidders are:
JC Ehrlich dba Ambius $32,128.00
Life On Earth, LLC $52,120.44

Project Number:   RFQ Q36892
Project Title:   Maintenance and Repair Services for the Sprinkler Fire Suppression System at MARTA Headquarters
Bidders are:
Integrated Fire Protection, Inc. $64,136.01

Project Number:   RFQ Q37910
Project Title:   Traffic Control Services for the Biennial Inspection.
Bidders are:
AAA Signs and Safety Products, Inc.$48,200.00
Protection Services, Inc.$185,000.00

Project Number:   RFQ Q38197
Project Title:   Traffic Analytic Cloud-Based Application
Bidders are:
INRIX, Inc.$ 54,000.00

Project Number:   RFQ Q38648
Project Title:   Removal and Disposal of Industrial Waste Water & Sludge from Various MARTA Facilities
Bidders are:
Evergreen Waste, LLC$165,750.00
Universal Environmental Services, LLC.$199,450.00

Project Number:   RFQ Q39303
Project Title:   Facilities Roof Rehabilitation of 448 Plasamour
Bidders are:
Brazos Urethane, Inc.$124,317.00
Urethane of Kentuckiana, Inc. dba Insulated Roofing Contractors$127,407.00

Project Number:   RFQ Q39492A
Project Title:   East Lake Station Fire Panel Replacement
Bidders are:
Century Fire Protection, LLC $13,950.00

Project Number:   RFQ Q39539
Project Title:   Mobile Forensic Software and Equipment
Bidders are:
Carahsoft Technology Corporation$22,943.04
Tri-Tech Forensics, Inc.$23,500.00

Project Number:   RFQ Q39759
Project Title:   North Avenue Concrete Project
Bidders are:
Marjean Selby Contracting, Inc. $35,000.00
Randolph & Company 2. Randolph & Company $88,500.00
Commercial Asphalt and Concrete Services, Inc.$89,500.00
Kiewit Infrastructure South Co. $99,288.00
Massana Construction, Inc. $106,168.00
S.T. English construction Co., Inc. $166,575.00

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